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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM!
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I've been working with a group of artists at a place called Phoenix theory. I haven't really sold anything yet but creativity has been getting supercharged n opportunities seem to be all around. Just got to capitalize on a few. Feel like I've been a ghost the past few years and I'm coming alive again. Or maybe I've just been in hiding and I'm making a reappearance. Either way I'm enjoying the ride! :) <3

but i'm still posting to fb more right now. find me at facebook.com/studioronn

Let the bad circumstances (of my own making) of the weekend affect me too much n mild panic symptoms cropped up last night so I watched tv till 530 am but even then I had this impending sense of dread about going to sleep. When I recognised it I worked hard to accept the feeling instead of fearing it and was finally able to lay down n conk out for 4 hrs. I missed you panicked state! come back n visit more often so I can overcome my limits.

Was great fun :) got a corsican mint on sunday too and its awesome. Smells like candycane when you touch it. Sooo gotta get more of it :)

On what's been bugging me all these years. Mens clothes have no shape. They seem to be made to look boxy shapless and sloppy. I hate that! Maybe I should start shopping in the womens section :o

Transercity missed out on one helluva post easter meal tonight! Green eggs and yummy glazed ham with baked And garlic-chive mashed potatoes! Tender asparagus with onions and spinach with onions garlic and mushrooms plus hardboiled easter eggs :). Redbouncytigger outdid herself! Yum yum yummy yum!!!

To tackle too much today. Succeded at nothing :/


On magnets. Wheeeeee

Of one thing at a time :)

Manhatten clam chowder beats new england clam chowder! Had a great time at DavenLauras n happy my car can get me places again :) now I gotta pay off da insurance before it gets cancelled! :(

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