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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM!
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February 2013
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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM! [userpic]

i'm loving my new color scheme. no one else will prolly like it but it gives me a wierd sense of calm and joy every time i open the page XOD


oy. calm and joy is definitely not what comes to my mind. ;]-

sooooothing be soooothed. or not alls i know is i really like it a lot

i'm glad you like it. its definitely not soothing for me, but its your page. ;]- for me its rather shocking and wake up-ish.

armenian coloring - not really but has the vibe

it kinda of reminds me of the armenian flag (dark blue, red and yellow - i know not the same but it was the first thing i thought of)! lol... i think its an improvement over the first page colors... may not as easy on the "normal" eyes compared to the previous colors... but like laura said its your page. you gotta be happy with it... you know what i could soooo go for right now? some sonic... of course i desire those things, when i can not absolutely not have them. oh well... nice armenian flag color ronnie.

Re: armenian coloring - not really but has the vibe

thats interesting maybe i'm channeling the armenian flag but my brain can't handle it :oO i dunno why but i really really like it still not just that day. why can't you absoloutly have sonic? or am i understanding wrong? you have two nots in there which is confusing. anyway thanks for the comment lady :O)