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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM!
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February 2013
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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM! [userpic]

tried fuze cause Arlise said it is nummy but most of it had acsulfime n sucralose crap in it. if i remember correctly those are bad bad bad for you. plus i had the taste of them. got a defensify fuze with raspberry camu camu n sugar. not bad a bit on the light tasting side........been getting that taste just by watering down normal fruit juice.


sucralose and i am assuming you meant aspartame are indeed very bad for you, though i may get flamed for saying so.

thats why i drink mostly seltzer. ;]

you can mix fruit juice and seltzer for a bubbly sort of taste, but i dont like it much.

i don't think you'd get flamed here not too many read it ;O) i don't think it was aspartame it was this i think
but i don't trust any of the artificial sweeteners.
i don't like seltzer with fruit juice either. but adding water seems to work for me takes the strong flavor away but still has a pleasant taste. i've been making blends of stuff too with apple and whatever is on sale even if its got sugar added add some water and herbal tea and i've been getting drinks i like and last longer because not being as sweet i don't drink them as often and there is more because of the added water. ive even added v8 and pasturized egg whites into some of these for extra kick but since most people don't like v8 it's prolly only something i'd enjoy

i love v8 juice!

i did not know about that other chemical. ;[ more things to watch on my label.

the only thing with the v8 is when i added some to a big bottle of juice and left it in the fridge for more than a few days it seemed to start to go bad.

i just learned about sodium saccharin. its still saccharin, but an even worse type. and its in david's listerine.

the things lurk everywhere. i just read the ingredients on the soft taco shells. ick.