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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM!
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February 2013
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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM! [userpic]
i r gardener nao?

the blueberry bush i bought last year and put in a five gallon bucket and left out all winter aaand brought inside last week is sprouting green all ova da place! is a very nice feeling i get when i look at it. got some other fruity seedlings last week that have a lil green too. between the fishie project and the fruits it's a wonder i have any time for anything else. well maybe it's because of the car issues that i'm spendin so much time with the fish n flowers. once i get the issues resolved i may actually go out and do things :O)


ya, this lady was talking about mums and she said something like she cleared a dead mum and there were green shoots, but then she had to take it inside so it doesnt die.

the worst thing for plants is to thaw in the spring and then freeze again, so anything with green shoots should be brought inside or covered over with mulch. i should probably poke around outside, but i dont think i have anything potted so there is less worry.

yeah blueberries! they say the birds get them, though. you need to cover them with nets. i planted a blueberry bush last year too.

this year is learning about pest management and actually understanding what i am doing. last year was just seeing if it was possible to grow something. ;] i did so much wrong.

yeah i'm at the point of going wow i can grow things. totally don't know what i'm doing though.

you can try asking me. doesnt mean i will know. oh, that book had lots of ant answers. but i had to return it. i can take it out when you request it.

i will try to remember what it said when you ask me.