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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM!
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February 2013
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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM! [userpic]
non play shirts (end of pic spam)

i think i'm starting to make more appealing stuff....do you agree? first pic was inspired by my girlfriend because she likes the way my test wall looks do you like it? hate it? or hav any feeling whatsoever about it?


First one's interestin'. Looks like da moon rising out of a magic storm.

I really like da dwaggin. Looks like he's flying up outta the mountains. I get lotsa compliments on the purple dwaggin you made me, people think it's nifty.

Can you do portraits from pictures or other nifty stuff like that? I think I remember you saying you could do sumfin like that. I want to get sumfin nice to put on da wall, but I dunno if I should get sumfin before da wedding or use a pitcher FRUM da wedding. Whatchoo think?

i thought you would like da dwaggin :O) and yay for compliments. and yes i kin do portraits or sumfin like that
portrait with words and glitter
i think it might be best if we do something after the wedding only because i'm barely holding it together at the moment and i'm not sure if i could deliver before the wedding.

Okay, I'll pick out my favorite when we get the pics back and we'll do it after da wedding. No hurry on the timing, got plenty of that. Mebbe for a Kissmass present. :)

aww yur so cute with the words and all you sound very happy :O) we'll wait a bit for some arts but for now here's sumfin, its not very active but i tink you'll like it anyways