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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM!
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February 2013
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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM! [userpic]
low memory

on the computer can't do much with it anymore :O(
took forever to download faire pics from sunday and its going to be hard to post em so here's just a couple of the vdrumming browniebaby for aryiana(going to try to make a cd of all the full size shots for ya) and the only shot i got of sircristian getting runned over plus the sheepish culprit looking on as the checking of the spine was going on


Awesome!! Thank you so much! This was the first weekend that it really FELT like faire to me -- missed your silent presence too :)

glad you like em got a bunch more but they all look pretty much the same. won't be going to faire on my own till my car/money probs are sorted out and going up with al will be limeted cause she works sat and is busy some sundays. sorry i din't introduce you but it was a wierd day and i'm still new at girlfriend/social stuff :O\


he he the mom is the above commenter :O)

Gorgeous pictures...:)

used my girlfriends canon 30d camera. it was sooo fast :O) i got cool birdy ones but posting them might not happen for a while