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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM!
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February 2013
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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM! [userpic]
no luck lately

way behind on bills trying real hard to reel in jobs and everything keeps getting postponed by months! but i'm still trudging along. got a bunch of commissions from the play i'm behind on and i just made room to airbrush again, but before i starts teh summastage stuff i did a few warm up things. first 2 are the same shirt with clouds and the blue lady is on a 3ft tall piece of scrap luan. really interested in peoples opinions about them and if any one is interested in either of them make me an offer


Looks so purdy!!!! :)

I misses you!!! Come to cloisters! I'll be there!!! :)

Re: ooooooooooooo

aww an i misses beffy too. not so sure thats in the cards. i missed faire yesterday cause my emotions are all screwed up cause of last friday wit the girlfriend and i dunno if it will be resolved by then :O\

Re: ooooooooooooo

Wow... I'm outta the loop....

Well, if you get things resolved, I'll be there. If not... well... we'll keep in touch :)

Re: ooooooooooooo

nah i don't post much these days so everyone is outta the loop really.
just everything is a bit of a mess right now and if i couldn't get my ass up to nyrf then i'm not sure i'll be any better at the cloisters thing.
yah yah we will keep in touch regardless of the whims of the world :O)