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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM!
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February 2013
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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM! [userpic]

Starting to feel a lil less stressed n put some ofmy thoughts down about it.

Was nice thinkin bout tomorrow where I could sleep late n not worry about sleeping too late(which isn't true) I think I'm starting to understand peoples need for a vacation.....it seems to be a need for me time. The play was all non me time n after that I have more friends that want to do things and things I need to do like clean. Those things are good but not exactly me time. Sleeping in till whenever is me time. Working on the fishtanks with no time limit is me time. Its different in some way. Recharges who I am instead of using who I am as fuel. I don't think I ever lived my life as fast paced as I did during this play. It was a ton of fun! But there is a price to be payed. That pace causes tons of stress and that's what I've been feeling. Likea race car that goes so fast it burns out its tires. And its self perpetuating its like stress gravity. When the play ended you would think the stress would end but the result of moving that fast in life had an impact on the rest of my life and the stress had to slow down with it. I have kept feeling like I just needed things to slow down to a point that I could handle it. And finally almost a month later I am starting to feel that. The vacation route seems to be a dead stop on stress. You just blammo take yourself out of anything to do with the stress n ahhh u can relax. But while you are gone the stress building situations tend to build up worse so that when you get back and are in a mental place to better handle all that stress you are hit by more stress causers. I think all my life I've lived at a pace and in a way where I have limited most stress on me and I am thankful for that but I have missed out on things because of it. Seems the faster pace u keep the more u connect to other people. Or maybe its just harder to connect with someone that's living at a different pace than you......food for thought.