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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM!
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February 2013
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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM! [userpic]
zero waste

working on ideas for zero waste art recycleing/upcycling/repurposing. if anyone reading my posts(crickets) has any interest at all in this even if it's just a comment i'd love to hear from you! :)


I'm new to the concept so I'm trying to work my ideas into words. I think maybe I'm just thinking of keeping the mentality of zeeowaste. Find long term uses for things that we now throw away through arts n crafts. My own tastes turn to useing materials as canvas to doodle on but now that you mention cutting up the bottles the idea isn't as foreign to me as I'd have thought. I'm thinking along the lines of people doing what they can in home but having art/craft dropoff places were they can be used almost as free raw materials for crafty people to turn them into stuff to sell.
Hope I covered the points you brought up. I didn't get a notification of the comment n just found it surfing with the phone which is a bit akward