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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM!
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February 2013
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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM! [userpic]

i'm having major money troubles at the moment...wondering if i should try to take some photopaint commissions......let me know what you think.. i could do pets and portraits like this as well as some other stuff i have in mind

welcome to kittycat_black likeshine zerick and vampcurse


I wish I could help you right now but I have no extra money at the moment because of wedding and immigration costs. Once Alasdair is here and employed, I was going to ask if you would do a portrait for us, but that's not going to be until next year. Sowwy.

s'ok i'm more asking for opinions for if something like this would generate interest and sales in the future....i need to get some housepainting work to solve the immediate money problems....just keep hitting brick walls right now is all ;O)