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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM!
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February 2013
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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM! [userpic]
website help

been working on my website www.irononron.com got links on it you might not know about but i still have to put pics up on each of the pages i made
i have a paypal account now not sure the whole address but the email i used is neuron111@aol.com it wants me to link to my bank account ....is this a good idea? can it be linked to a savings account? or should i just leave it unverified? also i saw donation buttons and payment buttons on it should i use em? any info you can share about paypal and the website woyuld be greatly appreciated(but i know no one likes to talk to me so i'm prepared to get no response)


i need a way to accept payments if i want to make money with my art so i may have to use it just on that basis.....just wanted to get a lil more feedback before i went any further

Here's an idea. Set up a separate "work" account with a bank that allows you to have free accounts. Any time you get money through Paypal, transfer it straight from your work account to your regular checking or savings account. That should minimize any issues you might have.

yup that has been a thought but i'm not sure if its worth the headache of having a third account since i don't really keep any money in my checking account anyway...the worry is that i'd have nothing in the account and someone would cause an overdraft and i'd have fees on top of fees...but it's a small chance of something like that so it might be worth the risk