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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM!
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February 2013
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feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM! [userpic]
help/input needed

just started this t-shirt.. so far its everything i am comfortable with artwise...i could crank out shirts like this all day long but i don't know if its saleable to a wide audience or even at all so i need any thoughts you might have about it
its not finished...i at least have to put something for the griffon to be looking at and i could add white highlights and use the airbrush on it to add shading or even to color it
i also want to put www.irononron on it but am terrible about the placement/size of things like that so your input would be greatly appreciated
should i put wwwironon.com as the thing hes looking at?(seems the simpleist thing to do to finish the design) or is that horribly yucky?
also what subject matter could you see being done in this style that would be appealing? pets? comic book characters?, dragons/monsters? portraits?
help me enough and i'll send you thankyou stuff! ;O)

and harpiegirl4 i haven't ignored your comment lj just won't let me reply to it...really frustrating


thankies xoD din't want to go whooly on the fantasy route with a tower as its been done so often but since i could just keep doing this griffon in different variations its something i should just get over....yah thats what i meant about yucky i know it would be wrong but i finally have an address i can put on stuff so i wanna shout it out even if the website is crap....that said i hate the previous shirt i did becase the dimensional paint caused me tho write the url so big.....and i'd rather not do it on the back because i feel i can charge more for 2 sided designs but not if its just for advertising....i should post my ren n stimpy shirt so you can see the stuff i used to/enjoyed doing